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Giclee Printing Services

Giclee Fine Art Printing Services

Giclée is a limited edition fine art print, produced with continuous tone ink jet technology on a variety of substrates, most commonly watercolor paper and canvas. Giclées are an exciting new medium for both artists and photographers. Reasons for the excitement vary, but the theme remains the same: quality. Whether reproducing an original, enhancing a photo or painting, or creating original digital art, giclées have much to offer. Sales statistics for giclée prints have shown a 60% increase from 1996 to 1997 and the amount spent by collectors in 1997 was $160 million.

Giclée prints have the look and feel of an original piece of art: Producing a giclée print is a slow, meticulous process, which requires the skills of a master printer to create museum quality reproductions. The technology calls for special equipment and techniques to get the best color accuracy, sharpness, continuous color tone and artistic interpretation available in art prints today. Because giclée technology allows the image to be stored on disk, the artist has the choice of printing an edition on an “as needed” basis or all at one time.