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Art Scanning Services

Excellent prints begin with an excellent image…

The most important element of giclée printing is the quality of the digital file or capture. The three most common ways to acquire an image is to have the original piece professionally photographed, scanned, or digitally created. If you are supplying original artwork on paper, canvas or fabric we prefer to photograph your original. You will save time and money and will end up with an art reproduction very close in color to your original painting.

High Resolution Digital Scanning

We offer digital image capture using a Cambo large format camera with a Betterlight digital scan back. We are able to capture very large images with exceptional detail as our camera can shoot up to a 1.1 G 16 bit file. We use special HID Cross- polarized lighting to capture every detail and color of the original. Artwork can even be photographed through glass.

Professional artwork scanning services

Pricing is based on original artwork size:
Up to 16” X 20” $115
Up to 24” X 36” $135
Above 24” X 36” $165

• Included in the scan price are up to two 8″x10″ proofs. Additional proofs with minor adjustments are available at $30 per proof. The final proof is signed by the artist and is kept as a reference for future prints.

• We will provide a JPEG image of your artwork up to 8” x 10,” 150 dpi on a CD included in the scan price. The full size scan at 300 dpi, can be provided for an additional $30 per scan.
• Artwork with a reflective surface (i.e. metallic paint) requires special setup and will incur an additional 20% cost.

Direct capture also facilitates the proofing process since color corrections can be made first hand. Even if you are not ready to do a run of prints, it is a good idea to scan and proof an original work that you may no longer have access to. The file can be used in lieu of a transparency for any output method as well as giclée prints. Scan once, and output many.

The quality of your Giclée is dependent on the quality of the capture…
Transparency Scanning
We also accept professionally photographed transparencies. We can even accommodate slides. The quality of the print is directly related to the quality of the image provided. If you are supplying a transparency shot by a professional photographer it must be a high quality 4×5 or 8×10 inch transparency. Color and gray control strips should be included with the final image. We recommend using Kodak’s standard color control patches and gray scale.

High End Digital Scanning
We use a Scitex flatbed scanner to scan negatives, transparencies or reflective art up to 12”X 18” with a resolution of 2700 dpi. We will then correct colors, clean the image, resize it and print a proof.
High resolution scan with one proof $12

Client Supplied Files
We accept high resolution digital files supplied by the client, however, for the best color accuracy, we recommend having the original scanned by our studio. A digital file can be printed “as is” for a set-up fee of $10 and a proof can be supplied on the material of choice for $15. For any color correction needed, please refer to our digital editing price.

File Specifications: Please supply your file as a TIFF, JPEG or PSD, with a resolution of at least 150 dpi at the final output size. Also make sure the file is saved with the relevant color profile.

Digital Editing
Color correction, cleaning, signature removal and minor retouching are included in our scan prices. Additional digital editing time is billed at $100 per hour, billed in fifteen minute increments.